Fertility massage

Masaje para la fertilidad

The Fertility Massage combines a range of manual techniques, including massage of the abdominal, pelvic and back areas, as well as the use of oils, pressure and the use of rebozos. All this work has to be energetic but gentle, to achieve emotional and psychological relaxation.

This physical and mental connection helps to nurture and enhance many issues related with your natural fertility. As the blood flow increases in the area, more nutrients and hormones reach the womb and ovaries. This can increase the wellness during the pre-menstrual period, as well as the quality and regularity of the menstruation periods.

Some of the reasons to explain infertility include incorrect uterine positions, nutritional deficiencies, psychological stress or anxiety or inmunological imbalance, for instance.

This technique is used to optimize the womb environment and optimize the nutrient and hormone supply to the uterus and the ovaries. Physically, it encourages and corrects uterine position. It also helps to reduce the stress related to infertility.

The fertility massage can be used as an alternative therapy to assisted reproduction techniques or as a complementary help during treatments. Its psychological and physical positive effects can improve the ART outcome.

The technique is usually provided by a certified expert, but can be followed up at home, as a self-care abdominal massage. This kind of autotherapy can be a way to get in touch with your own womb, improving the self-conciousness in the woman who wants to get pregnant.

Here you have some tips to keep in mind about the fertility massage:

  • Fertility massage is especially recommended for women seeking pregnancy naturally. Either alone or in combination with other techniques of natural fertility it can be enough to achieve pregnancy in many cases.
  • The fertility massage may be useful in the treatment prior to assisted reproductive cycles. However, its use is not recommended during ovarian stimulation.
  • Fertility massage is particularly recommended since the end of the menstrual period to ovulation. It is advisable to carry it out in the months after surgery in the area or if there has been a non-surgical tubal ligation.

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