Natural techniques to boost your fertility

Infertility is usually a complex, multi-factorial disease. Sometimes there is a single medical reason to explain it: blocked tubes, vasectomy, endometriosis… but frequently there are multiple reasons like woman’s age, lifestyle, diet or psychological issues. This multi-factorial problems also need multiple approaches.

Combining traditional medicine techniques with natural medicine can increase the chances of getting pregnant. Here you will find a list and a short explanation of the main techniques:


Acupuncture can be used to treat a wide range of disorders, both for women and men. It can help with hormonal imbalances, such as the responsables for polycystic ovarian syndrome, anovulation or dysmenorrhea. In some men, the use of acupuncture can increase sperm quality.

Psychological stress is another of the main infertility causes. The improvement in your balance and harmony as a result of acupuncture can increase not only the chances of getting pregnant, but your ability to carry full term.

Herbal Medicine and nutrition

Herbal substances have been used to treat many diseases since the beginning of our civilization. Medicinal herbs contain ingredients that, when used correctly, support the natural fecundability of the woman and can improve the sperm quality as well. This herbal supplements in addition to a healthy nutrition and lifestyle have been proven effective against infertility.

Couple Counseling

Infertility can be a frustrating and painful experience. Sometimes it is hard for couples to struggle with these problems and it can affect the relationships. It is essential to have a good communication between both members of the couple, handling strong emotions and mood swings and talking about these issues, whether you are beginning or you are in treatments.

Meditation and yoga Classes

Meditation is useful to lower stress levels and help managing emotions. Yoga involves your body as well as your mind, harmonizing them and significantly improving your wellness. When used to improves a woman’s fertility it can strength some areas like pelvic floor and internal muscles.

Fertility massage

This non-invasive method focuses in the reproductive, digestive and sacral zones, combining massage, acupressure and other manual techniques to nourish a woman’s ability to get pregnant. The blood irrigation and hence the hormonal and nutrient supply of these areas is increased. At the same time, the woman becomes more conscious about her body, specially the womb, strengthening the mind-womb connection.

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